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Federation of Housing Societies and Developers in Delhi (Land Pooling Policy) or the FedHSDD is the need of the hour. FedHSDD is an independent body of real estate developers and housing societies working towards bringing development in Delhi land pooling zones .

The main focus of the federation is to speed up the process of Land Pooling Policy,which is currently stuck with Delhi government. Federation extensively runs numerous activities and take initiatives to connect the housing societies and developers to the government and DDA, as the development of Delhi totally depends on how these three powerful entities work hand in hand. The federation is striving to bring all respective LPP stakeholders under single umbrella, as there is a pressing need to notify this policy.Let's take a look at what is FedHSDD, and what are it's objectives.


  1. To promote housing societies & Developers under Land Pooling Policy in Delhi and to coordinate and facilitates the operation.
  2. To provide common forum for dealing with technical, financial and practical problems of housing societies/ Developers and to devise ways and means of solving these problems.
  3. To organize conference conventions, seminars etc. relating to housing and allied matters.
  4. To raise funds through bank loans and from other means;
  5. To coordinate and advice in respect of planning and construction etc. of houses and make available expert advice/ services for this purpose.
  6. Improving the resource generating capabilities and house construction.
  7. To assist member organizations of Federation in obtaining loans from Government, LIC, NHB, HUDCO or any other financing agency specialized in advancing loans for housing including international organizations.
  8. To undertake such other activities as are conductive or incidental to the attainment of the main objectives of the Federation.
  9. To increase the social and economic benefits of the members of the Federation.
  10. To promote harmonious relations and to settle the dispute, if any, amongst members of the Federation.
  11. To provide legal aid and advice to the members of the Federation.
  12. To take up the matters relating under LAND POOLING POLICY of the housing societies/ Developers with the Central and State Governments, local authorities and other public bodies;
  13. To receive subscription and to accept grant of money, securities, endowments and property of any kind on such terms as may seem expedient;
  14. To invest and deal with any moneys and securities of the Federation which are not immediately required for any of its activities, in such manner as may be considered expedient or deemed fit subject, however, to the rules and regulations of the Federation for the time being in force;
  15. To make Rules and Regulations and Bye-Laws for the conduct of the affairs of the Federation and to add, to amend, vary or rescind them of this Memorandum from time to time;
  16. To establish trust between the investors and Developer Entity under Land Pooling Policy in Delhi.


Quick Contact

Name Of the Society
Registration No (Copy of the
registration certificate may be enclosed )
Registration Under which Act
Name of the Zone
Address for communication
E-Mail Id
Name Of the main
bearers (with there mobile nos.)
Nos. for Registered Member in the society

Please find attached membership application form and submit the completed form to us in person or send it to us at our registered address.

FedHSDD Membership Application Form
FedHSDD Bank Account Details

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