Protest against land pooling policy

Federation of housing societies demands charges be waived

Protesting against the proposed modification to the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) under the land pooling policy, the Federation of Housing Societies and Developers held a demonstration at the Delhi Development Authority on Thursday.

Raising concerns over DDA’s proposal to restrict the FAR under the land pooling policy to 180 as opposed to 400, that was mentioned in the 2013 notification, Satish Kumar Aggarwal, secretary of the Federation said, “The DDA has now arbitrarily proposed a modified policy which will have drastic consequences as it will become difficult for the commoners to get homes.”

“Decreasing the FAR would only lead to an increase in cost of the flats. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s objective of affordable living to all will also not be achieved by this change. There are over 110 housing societies that will get affected” said Mr. Aggarwal.